Monday, November 22, 2010

Introducing William Payne

William Payne #280194
Columbia Correctional Institution
P.O.Box 900
portage, WI 53901

D.O.B. 6-26-73
Crime: felony murder
Release Date: 8-7-27
Race: Black

Dear, Parole Blog and the world

Hi, my name is William Payne,

I have been in prison for 12 1/2 years and never had a major conduct report, I'm serving a 45 year prison sentence for murder. in 1997 me and someone else was getting high and drinking when me and my victim got in to it. I took things too far and end up taking someone life and that was the Biggest Mistake of my life. See, I grew up around violence all my life, but that’s no excuse for what I did to get me here, but since I been in prison I change my life around and I would like to share some of things that I have accomplished.

I got my, H.S.E.D., Restorative Justice Program, Anger Management Program, Survival Skills Group, Turning Point 1 & 2, Analogous Counseling & enlightenment Program.
Before I came to prison I couldn't read or write, but I worked hard over the past years to accomplish the things that I have which I'm very proud of. But yet in still PRC would not lower my classification to give me a chance to show I have made improvement in my rehabilitation, even though I got high praise from staff that around me also my family and friend, even people have came into my life since my incarceration, even the Warden has encourage me to file an-appeal, but I been second stepped the last six PCR hearings, so now the tax payer is paying $30,000 thousand dollar a year for someone who prove he willing and have made a drastic change to improve my life, even the parole commissioner call me a model Inmate and reduction in my custody rating to make me eligible for medium for I can take my last program which is level 5 A.O.D.A.

Now let me tell you about the family support I have on the outside. My brother is the head of a company call city wide cleaning, one of his good friends own it his name is Brian Hicks,(picture of letter included here) and he wrote a letter to the parole commissioner tell him I have a job and a good support system, but my brother Anthony Hill; is the proud owner of a company call, U Scream we clean snow removal and lawn care, and he willing to give me 25% of this company to help better myself, I also will be living with my brother, and going to school to be a chef, I plan on opening my own restaurant, that's always been my dream. My family is willing to help to as well.

respectfully submitted
William Payne

PS if anyone have any question or comments please do not
hesitate to contact me at Columbia Correctional Institution; P.O. Pox 900 Portage, WIS 53901