Sunday, November 22, 2009

teacher very proud of William

Dear Parole:
I am writing you on behalf of William Payne. I met him at WSPF when he was my student. I was a teacher there for eight years. I have retired and now communicate through letters with William. I feel very blessed to have made his acquaintance.
When I first met William he could not read or write. He enrolled in the education program. He was my student right from the start. I spent a lot of time with him helping him to learn how to read and write. We also had lots of time to talk to one another. See I would help by reading his letters to him and then writing letters back. I also read his DOC file to him so he could prepare for PRC. I would always just write what he wanted to say. There was a time when he had done everything WSPF had asked of him and should have been leaving but instead he was taken back to Level 3 and told him it was a mistake that he should have never gone to the Unit for leaving. I did help him write a letter to Madison: Pie ended up leaving the institution. He has stayed out of trouble since that.

When I was able to write him and he wrote me back, I was so excited that he finished his education and now has a job. It was also proven that what he was at WSPF for was wrong and that he was wrongly accused. I feel that he has made mistakes but has always admitted to his wrong doings. I feel that if he had been in a different situation on the streets and the schools would have cared about him that he would not have gotten into trouble. I also believe that if given the chance to get out that he would go on the straight and narrow. To me, he is a good guy that made a huge mistake and wants to make that up the best he can.
If you would like to talk to me further you may call me. I hope this has helped. Sincerely,
Karla Stelpflug

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