Sunday, November 22, 2009

Two Job Offers

Above, William's Brother Anthony writes that he owns U SCREAM WE CLEAN and is proud of his brother and offers him a job upon leaving prison.
A letter from another business owner and it transcription follows- Another job offer for William.

Friday, September 5, 2008
In regards to: William Payne DOC# 280194 ;CCI

Attn: Social Worker Robyn Bradley
2925 Columbus Drive
Portage WI, 53901

Dear Honorable Members of the Parole Board:

My name is Brian Hicks and I own City Wide Cleaning LLC in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am writing on behalf of Anthony Hill and his brother William Payne. Anthony Hill is the Operations Manager for my company and Anthony has been the best thing that could have happened for me or my company. Anthony Hill has been a positive influence in the hiring and training process of all employees within my company and has shown great leadership and care for each employees growth, not only in the work place but also personally. In my line of work many of the prospective employees we hire are down on their luck or perhaps struggling through life and are looking for that first step back into the working world. I have seen Anthony take special care with employees who were straggling, offering words of advice or help to employees when they need a little lift. Anthony has been nothing but a helping hand to not only me but all of my employees.

When Anthony told me about his brother William Payne and that a parole hearing was approaching, I was impressed to hear that he did not just sit and wait for his next parole hearing, that William was able to accomplish receiving his High School Diploma, and is now looking to enroll in culinary classes to continue his education, to help increase his chance of success when released.
If the board feels that William Payne has shown sufficient accomplishments, improvements and remorse for past crimes, I am more than willing to work with William Payne when released and offer carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning and janitorial training. I am also able to offer part time work in the same field as a stepping stone to a better life for William Payne. I believe that Anthony as a brother will be able to offer support and experience of how to succeed in a life after incarceration. Support from family is always important and I believe after seeing how well Anthony works with employees he has just met, his brother will have more than enough loving support if released.
Brian Patrick Hicks
City Wide Cleaning LLC ,

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