Sunday, November 22, 2009

Williams mother writes

to paraphrase ( see letter)

She sees changes in William since he went to prison. He has learned to read. She is very sick but tries to talk to him on the phone . William is one of 9 brothers and sisters and he will have a jop when he gets out .He also has aunts and uncles who are looking forward to having him home.

here is a letter form a doctor about the sickness of Williams mother.

certificates show effort to improve

He learned to read while in prison and earned these certificates :
High school Equivalency
restorative Justice program completion
Survival skills program completion
Turning point one and two
A.C.E.therapy group participation

teacher very proud of William

Dear Parole:
I am writing you on behalf of William Payne. I met him at WSPF when he was my student. I was a teacher there for eight years. I have retired and now communicate through letters with William. I feel very blessed to have made his acquaintance.
When I first met William he could not read or write. He enrolled in the education program. He was my student right from the start. I spent a lot of time with him helping him to learn how to read and write. We also had lots of time to talk to one another. See I would help by reading his letters to him and then writing letters back. I also read his DOC file to him so he could prepare for PRC. I would always just write what he wanted to say. There was a time when he had done everything WSPF had asked of him and should have been leaving but instead he was taken back to Level 3 and told him it was a mistake that he should have never gone to the Unit for leaving. I did help him write a letter to Madison: Pie ended up leaving the institution. He has stayed out of trouble since that.

When I was able to write him and he wrote me back, I was so excited that he finished his education and now has a job. It was also proven that what he was at WSPF for was wrong and that he was wrongly accused. I feel that he has made mistakes but has always admitted to his wrong doings. I feel that if he had been in a different situation on the streets and the schools would have cared about him that he would not have gotten into trouble. I also believe that if given the chance to get out that he would go on the straight and narrow. To me, he is a good guy that made a huge mistake and wants to make that up the best he can.
If you would like to talk to me further you may call me. I hope this has helped. Sincerely,
Karla Stelpflug

prison approves

Prison staff notices William's good work. He has taken and done well on all programs available to him. He is on the waitlists for other programs. A common problem for all prisoners waiting for parole is lack of availabitlity of programs required. They call it the "catch 22" when they are not allowed to be moved to the prisons where they can take the programs required for release.

2008 staff Appraisal and Recommendations (transcription below of text at left. Click on picture to view document bigger)

Inmate Request is supported. Mr. Payne has been "second- stepped" the last six PRC Apperances and Reviews.
The Unit Team indicated over whelming support of Mr. Payne at his last Two PRC Hearings. Mr. Payne is conducting himself as a Model Inmate and has for some time now. He has promoted three times in his Unit Job and is now the Servery Worker with Excellent Evaluation. He has not had any Conduct Reports since 2005. Parole Commissioner endorsed reduction in Custody Ratinf and Transfer to Medium on 10/24/08. To continue to deny a custody reduction is discouraging and reduces the Offender's Motivation, although he remains optimistic in spite of the previous decisions.
CCI\R.Bradley; 16 December 2008

Social Worker Parole Summary Worksheet
(transcription below of text at left. Click on picture to view document bigger)

program needs and participation
PROGRAM NEED Anger Management
PARTICIPATION/PLAN Completed 4/17/06
Academic-HSED Completed 6/2/08
Needed:Vocational Wait List
CGIP Wait List
AODA Wait List

ADJUSTMENT ON THE PRESENT LIVING UNIT :Works on the Unit, Good Evaluations. Relates well to Staff and Inmates

Excellent Support for Employment and Living Situation.


Competed Restorative Justice Program Voluntarily and continues the aftercare group. Mr. Payne has made a great deal of progress and personal growth through his Incarceration and accepts accountability for his actions. He has worked hard to complete all programming and improve his conduct.

Two Job Offers

Above, William's Brother Anthony writes that he owns U SCREAM WE CLEAN and is proud of his brother and offers him a job upon leaving prison.
A letter from another business owner and it transcription follows- Another job offer for William.

Friday, September 5, 2008
In regards to: William Payne DOC# 280194 ;CCI

Attn: Social Worker Robyn Bradley
2925 Columbus Drive
Portage WI, 53901

Dear Honorable Members of the Parole Board:

My name is Brian Hicks and I own City Wide Cleaning LLC in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am writing on behalf of Anthony Hill and his brother William Payne. Anthony Hill is the Operations Manager for my company and Anthony has been the best thing that could have happened for me or my company. Anthony Hill has been a positive influence in the hiring and training process of all employees within my company and has shown great leadership and care for each employees growth, not only in the work place but also personally. In my line of work many of the prospective employees we hire are down on their luck or perhaps struggling through life and are looking for that first step back into the working world. I have seen Anthony take special care with employees who were straggling, offering words of advice or help to employees when they need a little lift. Anthony has been nothing but a helping hand to not only me but all of my employees.

When Anthony told me about his brother William Payne and that a parole hearing was approaching, I was impressed to hear that he did not just sit and wait for his next parole hearing, that William was able to accomplish receiving his High School Diploma, and is now looking to enroll in culinary classes to continue his education, to help increase his chance of success when released.
If the board feels that William Payne has shown sufficient accomplishments, improvements and remorse for past crimes, I am more than willing to work with William Payne when released and offer carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning and janitorial training. I am also able to offer part time work in the same field as a stepping stone to a better life for William Payne. I believe that Anthony as a brother will be able to offer support and experience of how to succeed in a life after incarceration. Support from family is always important and I believe after seeing how well Anthony works with employees he has just met, his brother will have more than enough loving support if released.
Brian Patrick Hicks
City Wide Cleaning LLC ,

Saturday, November 21, 2009

but no parole

January 2009 inmate classification report details WIlliam's crime and reasons for rejection of parole
(picture of letter above, transcription below)

Parole report continued- the negatives
Current Offense/Field Supervision Violations 01 940.03
This is his 1st Incarceration as a New Admission, not a violation, Milwaukee county for Felony Murder & Armed Robbery' Party to a Crime. Mr. Payne and an accomplice and male victim were consuming drugs & alcohol and talking about killing someone. Mr. Payne and the accomplice drove victim to his apartment at knife point to look for money to buy drugs. During struggle at victim's apartment, Mr. Payne stabbed the victim in the left chest, resulting in death. Victim was robbed, found $2 in change & a pocket knife on the victim, Mr. Payne was not there during the robbery, CCI\R.Bradley TimeStamp: 16 December 2008 08:25:09 None

If you are recommended for a parole grant, the time frame within which you shall be released, as established by the chairperson of the Parole Commission, shall be reflected in the grant.

1 . You have developed an adequate plan, but will need Agent's verification.
2. Release at this time would involve an unreasonable risk to the public.
3. Your institutional conduct has been satisfactory.
4. You have NOT served sufficient time for punishment.
5. Your program participation has NOT been satisfactory.

PAROLE COMMISSION COMMENTS on same action taken on 2008 (again, transcription and picture below)

You are serving your 1st period of adult incarceration as a new sentence for PTAC of felony murder in which you, an accomplice, and a male victim were consuming alcohol and drugs and talking about killing someone. Records indicate you and your accomplice eventually drove the victim to his apartment at knife point to look for money to buy drugs, and once there, a struggle ensued, and you stabbed the victim in the chest resulting in his death. You apparently left, and the victim was then robbed by the accomplice of $2.00 in change and a pocket knife. You were received in the WPS on 12/23/97, and transferred to CCI on 1 1/8/01 . You have a minimal prior record (adult only-1997 battery), and at 35 years of age, you have served approximately 1 1 years and 3 months of a 45 year sentence. Your institutional conduct has been excellent with the exception of your involvement in a disturbance at CCA Whiteville, TN on 1 1/30/99. Case file information indicates you were a willing participant in an assault on staff in a housing unit, and identified by an officer as the individual who was "kicking me in the chest and hitting me in the face."
During today's hearing, you stated "I wasn't a willing participant," and further denied assaulting any staff member at CCA Whiteville. You later accepted responsibility for the committing offense and repeatedly expressed remorse for what occurred. You continued by stating "I'm a good person that made a lot of bad mistakes." Records further indicate you have unmet programming needs for AODA residential treatment, CGIP, and voc ed, and according to your social worker, you are a good worker, who relates well to staff and other inmates. In addition, you voluntarily participated in and successfully completed the restorative justice program, and have "made a great deal of progress and personal growth" during your incarceration. Your risk level has been and remains high by virtue of your past actions, and as discussed and agreed upon at today's hearing, you have more time to serve for punishment.

At the same time, the Parole Commission feels you have earned a reduction in custody rating, and as such, endorses transfer to reduced security to participate in and successfully complete your remaining program needs. Once again, you are reminded of the importance of maintaining good conduct with no further conduct reports, major or minor, and continuing to work on grounds while receiving good performance evaluations to help lower your risk level.
This recommendation requires the approval of the Parole Commission Chairperson.
D. White
Date: 10/24/2008 — Time: 1 1 :34:44 AM

and again in January 09:

Committee Comments
This is a review of custody, institution placement, and program assignment per DOC 302 Wisconsin Administrative Code. The factors taken into consideration are found in DOC 302.07 and 302.10. After careful consideration of Social Worker summary, file material, and the offender's comments/requests as they relate to the factors in DOC 302 and the risk presented to the community, institution, staff, and other inmates as well as any vulnerability issues and/or service needs, we are unanimous in recommending continued maximum custody and retention at CCI.
The committee has referred this case for second step review in the past. The second step committee has retained Mr. Payne in maximum custody for a number of reasons, including sentence structure. The committe notes Mr. Payne remains high risk in sentence structure on the risk rating until 2012. Release is in 2027. Given sentence structure and time left to serve, we are recommending retention in maximum custody at CCI. This does not discount Mr. Paynes positive adjustment record and he is encouraged to continue the positive conduct. However, continued monitoring in maximum custody appears warranted at this time. At his next review, the committee can again consider possible custody reduction. There is no peason to recommend transfer at this time. We expect continued positive adjustment and completion of any programs made available to him in order to address risk factors. We expect he will pay restitution and court obligations if he owes them.
ie has the right to appeal the decision of this review per DOC 302.18. Recall is set for January 2010. '
TimeStamp: 7 January 2009 14:06:15

Friday, November 20, 2009

affidavit refuting Conduct report:

The PRC report in last post refers to a conduct report from TX in which William is supposed to have assaulted a staff member . Below is a section of that report , followed by a picture of an affidavit from a fellow prisoner, stating William had nothing to do with the occurrance. The affidavit is then transcribed for easier viewing . Click on affidavit picture to see it larger.

from the PRC report (see last post)

Your prison conduct has been "excellent with the exception of your involvement in a disturbance at CCA Whiteville, TN on 1 1/30/99. Case file information indicates you were a willing participant in an assault on staff in a housing unit, and identified by an officer as the individual who was "kicking me in the chest and hitting me in the face." During today's hearing, you stated "I wasn't a willing participant," and further denied assaulting any staff member at CCA Whiteville. You later accepted responsibility for the committing offense and repeatedly expressed remorse for what occurred. "

Transcription of Affidavit at left:
State of Wisconsin________Circuit Court______Dane County
William Payne,
Wisconsin, Department of Corrections/Respondents

Affidavit/Declaration of Inmate Presley Hubanks 1123904, For the Exoneration inmate William Payne

A Declaration By Presley Hubanks #123904
Pursuant to Title 28 § 1746 (2) U.S.C.
I Presley Hubanks #123904, declare under penalty of perjury that the following statement is true and correct:
1. That during the time relevant in 1999,1 was a prisoner housed at Whiteville Correctional Facility, in Tennessee;
2. It has been brought to my attention by inmate William Payne 1280194, that he has been falsely accused of the Assault on CCA/Staff Larry Joe Regland;
3. I, Presley Hubanks #123904, was charged and Convicted of the Assault on CCA/Staff tarry Joe Regland;
4. To the best of my knowledge inmate William Paynel280i94, was not in the area of the Kitchen, where CCA/Staff Larry Joe Regland, had been Assaulted;
5. Inmate William Payne#280194, was in the Food Storage room at the time of the Assault on CCA/Staff Larry Joe Regland;
6. Inmate William Paynet280194,had nothing to do with any part of the Assault on CCA/Staff Larry Joe Regland;

I Presley Hubanksf 123904, will testify to the facts Stated herein, if called upon or necessary , and have not been threaten to give the above testimony by anyone.
Signed by me this day of May 8 ,2008
Presley Hubanks #l23904
(CCI) p.o. Box 900 Portage.Wis.53901-0900

Signed and sealed by notary public

Thursday, November 19, 2009

William asks for a penpal

William Payne #280194

Columbia Correctional Institution

P.O.Box 900

portage, WI 53901

D.O.B. 6-26-73

Crime: felony murder

Release Date: 8-7-27

Race: Black

I have a big problem With PRC here at CCI. The problem is every time that I come out for PRC, PRC always finds a way to second-step me. I have been second-stepped this last six PRC hearing and third step once, my Institution adjust­ment has been remarkable for some time now. I never had a major conduct report in the 12 years that I have been incarcerated. The parole has endorse me to go to medium. CCI has a unit team and the team has recommend me for long term medium every time that I come up for PRC. I have appealed my decision of both PPC and second-step and was rejected to go to medium. I don't know what to do. Respectfully/Submitted

William is also Looking for a penpal. Here is his description of himself and his hopes:

I'm looking for a women that's nice, funny, outgoing, and also understanding, a women who has class and knows what she's looking for in life. My name is William Payne. I have been incarcerated for the last 12 1/2 years but with God blessing and help from my family I'll Be home soon. I'm extending my hand in hope's of a strong friend­ship. I can say that I learned one Important rule to a woman's heart "they don't like a liar." I’m a fire believer in fidelity. I have high respect for women. I will feel very lucky because it's been some time since I've had a opportunity to take a peak into another heart so I say thank you for this chance at a wel­come invitation to a new friendship. I'm 36 years young 5'8” dark complexion long hair, as you can tell from this picture I'm not that bad looking, (smile), some of my interests in the finer things in life are family, friends, and also I like pampering my lady friend with things that she needs and what make her smile. I could go on but I'm not going to bore you. I've always had the power of belief when meeting new friends no matter what race, we learn and grow from one another. Well I'm about to end this but never our friendship, whenever one come about, smile. Respectfully submitted. William Payne